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Our feeding pillow is designed to make nursing your little one as comfy as possible.  Designed for both breast or bottle feeding, and to fit all shapes & sizes - even dads can use it! The Bambella Feeding PiIlow Set allows for maximum comfort, and supports positioning for your baby to feel secure and bonded. 

Why you'll love it:

  • 2 Separate pillows = more positions, more options & more comfort 
  • Designed to reduces back and neck pain & promotes good posture
  • Adjustable waist size for a perfect fit
  • Removable covers & machine washable
  • Snuggly soft cotton cover


The Bambella Nursing Pillow Set comes with 2 separate pillows, The larger sturdy one gives full body support and structure for your baby. The smaller one can be used to add extra height, posture support, or can be used under your baby’s upper torso and head to give them a more upright feeding position (perfect for reflux issues). 

The optional adjustable waist strap can be adjusted to fit 84cm - 106cm. It’s also easily adjustable and we use snap closures to minimise noise when being adjusted or removed. 


Our pillows are made from high quality cotton for all external fabric and stitching &  contain poly wadding internally for extra softness and structure. This gives the ideal combination of breathability, durability, safety & comfort.

Please use this product in a seated position only and make sure you hold your baby securely at all times, especially while making any adjustments to your position or to the pillow. This pillow has been designed as a nursing aid only so should not be used as a toy or baby seat. 


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