Bedhead Hats

Kids Bucket Hats & Kids Sun Hats | Rated UPF 50+ Finally...a sun hat that won't flop in their eyes! Tired of finding tiny brims offering little coverage - the Bedhead Bucket Hat was created. Perfect for use in preschools and daycare centres as brim depth exceeds requirements by SunSmart guidelines and hats are rated UPF50+.

Features include:

EXCELLENT PROTECTION RATING -Tested on fabric AND hat design. Caps, floppy brims and cheap fabrics DO NOT protect children from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

ANTI-FLOP BRIM - An innovatively designed insert keeps brims away from eyes. No matter how many times it’s washed, that brim will not flop!

CHILD-FRIENDLY PRINTS - We design prints that kids want to wear - think monster trucks, aeroplanes, dinosaurs, flowers, hearts and rainbows! When kids are involved in the selection of their hat, they’re more inclined to wear it without a fuss!

FABRIC SELECTION Our ‘Originals’ collection is made of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex Jersey, making it soft, cool and stretchy. So stretchy, in fact, that kids don’t grow out of them quickly and they fit comfortably over braids and ponytails etc.

CHIN STRAP - The soft and stretchy chin strap sits smoothly on necks with a slide toggle to keep the hat gently secured, unlike lace up or Velcro-style straps. The chin strap can easily be removed if preferred without interfering with the quality of the hat at all.

SIZE VARIETY Sizing starts at a tiny 37cms (0-3 months) to ensure baby gets used to wearing a hat from an early age before their independent streak kicks in. Due to customer demand, we’ve expanded the size range to provide more choice. We now offer eight sizes across all of our collections.

STYLE COLLECTION There are four hat styles children can work their way through depending on their age and stage of development: Legionnaire/ Flap Hat, Toddler Bucket, Kids Bucket and Ponytail Bucket. All maintain optimal sun and glare protection, whether in a carrier, stroller or running around.

SWIM RANGE Our quick drying, Chlorine-safe swim material is perfect for both the pool and beach. The anti-flop brims stay upright even when the hat is saturated! Our ‘Swim’ range this season will feature 10 prints and five plain colours.

COLOUR FAST Bedhead Hats’ vibrant colours last really well after multiple washes and line drying.

AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS Finally, purchasing a Bedhead hat is supporting an Australian family owned and operated business.

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